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Back in the day you had to spend a lot of money to advertise your business in a magazine or a newspaper but now we can share something with the world thanks to the internet which is free. Back in the day you had to travel to another mans house or send a letter and wait days, sometimes weeks for a response, and nowadays we can contact somebody within seconds through phone call, text or email. Back in the day it use to cost a fortune to go to the studio and record something because we didn’t have the ability to have our own studio at home unless we were making a fortune, nowadays we have software and thousands of brands of music equipment for the average man to afford so we can have our own recording studio in our bedrooms for when the mood strikes. We are living in American which supposedly is the land of opportunities and even better, we live in California which is the state where stars are born! We are living in a amazing age right now and we need to take advantage of this great blessing we have been given. We can achieve are biggest dreams if we just look around and take a hold of the opportunities we have been given! just my thoughts for the day, the word for the day is “realize”


Bryce St.Louis


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